Posted by: Dal Watson | November 14, 2012

Infecting the Workplace: Why Your Company Should Consider Giving ‘Paid Sick Days’:

With cold and flu season upon us, there’s a good chance you’ve either already gotten sick, or you know someone who has. Getting sick is the worst, especially when you know you don’t have time for it. If you’re like most workers, you probably try to suffer through the snuffles and head to the office anyway, but in reality, trying to tough it out is a terrible idea. Studies show that a typical office is chock full of germs: From bacteria on your keyboard to shared water coolers and more, there are already plenty of opportunities for workers to get sick, so why add to the germ fest? During 2010′s “swine flu” (H1N1) epidemic, for every eight people who went to work infected, seven more got sick. Unfortunately, most workers feel pressured to head to the office no matter how sick they are, and many can’t take a sick day simply because they can’t afford to. But while it’s not a great idea to play hooky every time your nose is stuffed, there’s something to be said for staving off contact with others when you’re feverish or flu-y. The following infographic takes a look at why sometimes, taking a sick day is the best medicine.

Sick Days Infographic

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