Posted by: Dal Watson | August 8, 2012

“The future ain’t what it used to be!”:

Here’s a video (that, if you can spare the 16 minutes to watch it) brings up some very interesting topics for the more distant future as well as the ‘very near’ future. I really enjoy the videos on (Hosts, John Poz and Cali Lewis, make a great duo). In this video, they are interviewing Consumer Electronics Association CEO, Gary Shapiro. They discuss a variety of topics, not the least of which (even if for only a brief moment) is Google’s “driverless” concept car [see video from ABC News at the bottom of this blog post]. In my 45 years here on earth, it’s been fun to watch electronics and technology go from the seemingly dark ages, to what we see and have access to today. The future has me even more excited about the technologies that are to come. I think about the television programs that I watched as a kid growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, and the things back then that only seemed like a dream (that we’d “never see in our lifetime”) that are common place nowadays. Now, back to this idea of a driverless car…how long will it be until we can actually purchase one?!? In some ways it really seems like “not in my lifetime,” and in other respects I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw it in the next couple of years. So, what are some things that you saw on TV as a kid (or dreamed up in your imagination) that you thought you’d never live to see, but see regularly today? For me (off the cuff) are smart phones, tablets, computers, the Internet/Cloud Computing, and Siri reading me my e-mails and allowing me to dictate responses to text messages. Honestly, I’m still mesmerized by the (almost still unbelievable) clarity of HDTV. Watch this video with John, Cali and Gary below. What thoughts does it cause you to think today about the past as well as about technologies in the years to come? I welcome your thoughts.

ABC News Video on Google’s “driverless” car

CES 2013 Preview

CES 2013 Rapid Fire Q&A

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