Posted by: Dal Watson | November 25, 2010

ReTweet @briansolis: News no longer breaks, it Tweets:

A great interview by Brian Solis as he talks with Dan Farber, the Editor-in-Chief of Dan is the former Editor-in-Chief of CNET’s and ZDNet, among his many other editorial leadership roles. As Dan talks about, I couldn’t help but think, “substitute the name of my/your business in its place.” Everything Dan is saying about applies to my/your business to some degree in this new millennium of Web 2.0/Social Media, etc. In this video piece, Dan says “we have to intersect with people where the are…” How is my/your business any different than that? It’s not! Just because I/we are not in the news business doesn’t mean we don’t have to try and meet our customers and prospects where they “hang out” virtually. Dan says “how do you rise above the noise” to get the consumer’s attention with all the abundance of info. “out there?” Watch this video below…it’ll be worth your time. Just think of it in the context of how it applies to you and your business.

I also love the words that Brian used to tweet this particular blog post to Twitter (used in my subject line above), because it is so very true. With social media, news that is even an hour old now seems like “old news” in some respects. I remember watching on television the day that pop-superstar Michael Jackson passed away. I was new at using Twitter at that time, but on that day on Twitter the news of his medical condition and subsequent death beat live-breaking-cable-news to the punch by 20-30 minutes. It was at that moment that I realized there was one of many paradigm shifts happening in the delivery of breaking news…Twitter was the new live-breaking-news, happening in seconds, not minutes. It has been fascinating to watch the integration of social media into our society right before our very eyes, and we are in the infant stages of it.

Two more Twitter examples for you; the night that the health care reform legislation passed in March 2010, my ‘Politics’ Twitter list/stream gave me info. from behind the scene. I knew what was about to happen with the vote before it even happened live on C-Span. The night that LeBron James was going to leave the Cavs and move to the Miami Heat, I watched the reaction of a fraction of the “sports world” on my ‘Sports Stream’ Twitter list. I can’t count the number of times I’ve learned of breaking news from CNN’s and USA Today’s Twitter accounts and then turn on live-breaking-cable-news and still see that 20-30 minute lull before they get the story out that is already out on Twitter, etc. For this reason, I often go to my Twitter Lists first to get some more scoop on a given subject.

Brian Solis with CBS News’ Katie Couric on Social Media and Real-Time Journalism

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