Posted by: Dal Watson | November 21, 2010

How to Convert a GarageBand audio file to a MP3 or MP4 file:

– Here’s a very helpful tip for Garage Band newbies like me

[Here’s another post on how to convert the audio portion of YouTube videos to .mp3 audio files…]


How to edit a GarageBand audio file:

Even though this is an older version (2009), it still works for the most current version and this is how I learned to used GarageBand in 5 minutes. A great tutorial!!! I use GarageBand now all the time and have a blast creating my own mixes (mainly for sporting event which I often am the public address announcer).

P.S. the one other thing that I do down in the middle/center/bottom of GarageBand is switch the ‘LCD’ window/display that defaults to “Measures” to my preference of “Time”…that way I know how long the song/clip is that I have created/modified, etc. (For example…in basketball games…there are 30 second and 60 second timeouts that team can request/call during the game…I create my audio clips in 30 and 60 second segments and group them that way as well so I can play music during these timeouts.) One way to change from “Measures” to “Time” is to go to the GarageBand drop-down menu at the top and select ‘Control,’ then ‘Show Time in LCD.’

P.S.S. GarageBand files (in that format) are much larger files than when you convert the audio to a .mp3 file.

This is how you can add reverb and other special effects to your audio clips in GarageBand. Another great tutorial!!!

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