Posted by: Dal Watson | September 23, 2010

The New “Hawaii 5-0” on CBS:

I DVRed the premiere of the new Hawaii 5-0 on CBS. I really enjoyed the opening with the theme song, etc….it brought back so many great memories from my childhood…I was a huge fan back then! From there, quite honestly, it went down hill. Why don’t they just call it “CSI Hawaii” (because that’s what it reminded me of)? I’m not a big CSI fan, and I can’t stand TV shows and/or movies that “are not believable,” and that’s exactly what the new Hawaii 5-0 is to me. The “governor” asks the unshaven naval officer Steve McGarrett to head up her new, island criminal task force with a promise of immunity from whatever (illegal) ways he has to use to get the job done. Towards the end of the premiere, McGarrett and Danno are in a marked police cruiser each armed with nothing more than .9mm pistols (and no back up, AGAIN), racing to jump on to a Chinese ship with at least a dozen criminals with automatic weapons and somehow they overpower them all??? Give me a break!!! The plot and drama looked like something out of the old A-Team TV series…have you watched the old A-Team on TV lately??? Why did I like that show as a kid…all that violence and no one dies, and the bad guys give up so easy…please!!! Maybe old ladies like this sort of thing, but it was a waste of time for me. I did like the scenery of the new Hawaii 5-0, but quite honestly, the acting and the plot was lame! It’s a shame too. With so many past fans like me, I was really pumped about this new version of this show. I won’t be setting my DVR to record it again.

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