Posted by: Dal Watson | September 16, 2010

Government (CMS) Report: Health Care Costs To Go Up Under New Reform Law:

Obama: We knew health costs would go up…

…The White House meanwhile contends premium increases “have nothing to do with the new health care reform law.” Taking it one step further, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently said insurers who blame their rate increases on the new health overhaul could be excluded from health insurance exchanges and the 30 million new customers they promise according to a report from The Associated Press. Now how’s that for Chicago-style-politics-bullying-tactics?!?!? Madame Secretary, the provisions of the new health care reform law that affect groups beginning 10/1/10 absolutely will cause costs/premiums to go up. What did you all expect? Is this more of Speaker Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill so we’ll know what’s in the bill” school of thought?!?!? What other industries do you raise exposure to costs, and then turn around expecting costs to end-consumers to stay level or go down?!?!? That’s absurd; only a government-run “shell game” works like that!!!

Louisiana Congressman John C. Fleming, M.D. outlined in a recent correspondence how much of the so-called cost savings promised in health care reform come at the expense of our senior citizens via cuts to the Medicare program. Karen Ignagi of AHIP has a great explanation as to why costs truly are increasing due to the recently passed reform in the piece below on the Fox News Channel:

John Goodman from the National Center for Policy Analysis said an interview below on the Fox News Channel, “There is nothing in the health care bill that we passed that ‘s going to cause (health care) costs to go down…”

I also found the following to be of interest as well. Recently, a friend sent me the following: “The percentage of the past eleven president’s cabinet members that have actually worked in the private sector (a real job): Eisenhower 57%, Kennedy 30%, Johnson 47%, Nixon 53%, Ford 42%, Carter 32%, Reagan 56%, George H.W. Bush 51%, Clinton 39%, George W. Bush 55% and the winner is OBAMA AT A WHOPPING 8%!!!!! Yeah, I want these guys fixing my economy, they are EXPERTS!!!”

– Side Effects: Fuzzy Math Won’t Bend the Health Care Cost Curve

– Opinion: White House Should Retract Insurance Industry Threats

– New Medicare Chief Pledges to Cut Medical Costs

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