Posted by: Dal Watson | September 15, 2010

Mini-med plans under new Health Care Reform Law:

UPDATE: “Mini-med” insurance plans win year-long reprieve from new PPACA rules – article (11/23/10)

[Special Rules For Mini-Med Plans]

[PPACA: HHS Restricts New Mini-Med Plan Sales]

[HHS grants 500 new healthcare waivers]

[The biggest news emerging from the saga of the federal mini med annual benefit limit waiver program may be just how many U.S. residents have mini med coverage]

[HR wrestles with mini-med regs]

[Mini-Med Plans continue to prosper despite health reform]



– Mini-Meds’ outlook lacks clarity

– Mini-Med Waivers

– Four things employers need to know about PPACA and Mini-Med plans

– End of the road for Mini-Meds?

– Federal Agency Flexible On McDonald’s (Mini-Med) Plan

– Health plans may now apply for waivers from new annual limit rules

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