Posted by: Dal Watson | July 3, 2010

Watching live sporting events in 3-D!!!:

A few months ago, I blogged about 3-D coming to your home on some new Samsung products that I saw at my local Best Buy. Recently, I’ve been hearing about some of the World Cup games being broadcast in 3-D on ESPN 3D. So I went by Best Buy again to see for myself. WOW!, that was cool!!! They had recorded some games on DirectTV (you can also get ESPN 3D on AT&T U-verse). You have to use the 3-D glasses in the Samsung post mentioned up top, but it was fun to watch.

Now I hear that 3-D is coming to the “Great American Pasttime” when the Yankees/Mariners (July 10th & 11th) series will be broadcast in 3-D, and NASCAR gets in on the action on later today. DirectTV also just launched the n3D Channel; the first 24/7 3-D channel. Can the football be far behind?

Apparently, television uses ‘active’ 3-D technology, while movies in theaters rely on ‘passive’ 3-D technology. Have you seen any live sporting events in 3-D yet? Comment below.

P.S. Yes, the glasses make you look a little bit goofy, but I got over it real quick!

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