Posted by: Dal Watson | December 25, 2009

Senator Reid initially votes ‘no’ on Christmas Eve Senate health care vote tally:

– What was that you said Senator Reid? <<< you had it right the first time Senator Reid…even you know this partisan bill that you helped cram through the Senate on Christmas Eve is bad for America!!! If only there was a Senate rule for ‘no take backs’ on votes cast…now that would be hilarious!!!

– Health-care bill passed 60-39 could mirror Canadian style rationing system <<< become familiar with the words "rationing your health care," which it's not a problem unless BIG GOV'T is rationing YOUR OWN PERSONAL health care (or that of someone you love and care for). That's the only way this system works no matter what the Democrats say!!! Or maybe the Democrats are right and there will be no 'rationing' per se, just your longer than average 'wait time' as demonstrated in the video below. Just remember, this was a Christmas present from the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress to you America. Enjoy, and BOHICA!!!

– State Attorneys General Question Constitutionality of Democratic Health Care Bill

– Senate ‘Obamacare Bill’ depends upon ‘Enron accounting’ for ‘savings’

– More detail on what’s next for health insurance reform

– When Legislation Goes Into Overtime <<< it ain't over 'til it's over!!!

[Health Care Reform Cartoons – 2009]

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