Posted by: Dal Watson | December 15, 2009

Social Media and the Insurance Industry:

- Do You Have a Plan?

- Effective Social Media Marketing in the Insurance Industry

- Health Insurance Agents and Social Media: Is It Worth It?

- Social Media Tools Insurance Professionals Don’t Understand

- Social Networking: Same Old Story?

- Social Media Class – Listening and Participating

- Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Insurance Agencies

- What Independent Agents Need to Do…And Do It Now!

- Diving into Internet Marketing

- Management In the Digital World: 6 Rs

- How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

- Social Media Bootcamp Day 7: Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

- How Salespeople Are Using Social Media for Real Results

- Creating a Social Web Policy for Your Independent (Insurance) Agency

- Ignoring Social Media Growth Can Be Dangerous

- 5 Steps to Manage Social Media Risks

- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Insurance Agents Make with Their Newsletters

- Astonish Results Distributes Social Media Policies to Insurance Agency Partners

- Customer Service via Twitter

- Social Media in the Workplace (.pdf)

- How to avoid E&O pitfalls in using Social Media, etc.

- Five Reasons Why Your Company Doesn’t Need a Social Media Policy
(a different perspective)

- 4 Ways to Use Social Media Cues to Engage People

– Chris Jordan’s (@thechrisjordan) presentation about Atlanta Insurance Live

- How Data Will Impact the Way We Do Business

- Hire a Journalist

- How a 40,000+ Employee Company Trains its Employees on Social Media

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