Posted by: Dal Watson | December 14, 2009

The Future of Television???:

– 8 Companies That Are Reinventing TV Online

– Battle for the future of TV

– The Business Behind the Internet TV Revolution

– 40 Million 3D TVs to Take Over Our Homes By 2014

– First 3D Television Channel to Launch in the U.S. in 2010

– Discovery and ESPN hop on the 3D TV Bandwagon

– Hulu Plus to Deliver Shows to iPad, iPhone, PS3 and More

– Samsung Debuts 3D TV Lineup

– Qualcomm Bringing Live TV to the iPhone

– Samsung to Launch App Store For HDTVs

– Yahoo Further Bridges the Gap Between Internet and TV

– YouTube Looking to Replace Your Cable Company?

– YouTube: Why do we watch?

– 5 Eye-Popping 3D YouTube Videos

– YouTube Is the Top Social Media Innovation of the Decade

– Hulu’s Caption Search Lets You Find Clips With Just One Line

– Online TV Faceoff: Boxee vs. Hulu

– Google TV is Coming to a Living Room Near You

– Can YouTube Make the Jump to Your TV With Leanback?

– What is a ‘Boxee Box’?

– DivX and LG Prepare to Bring DivX TV to the Living Room

– The Popbox Emerges to Vie for a Spot Next to Your TV

– Skype Coming to HDTVs for Video Calls from the Couch

– Everything from TVs to Blu-ray players getting networked

– Revision3 Internet Television

– To Launch Pay-Per-View Channels <<< hmmmm, seminar possibilities?!?!? Your thoughts???

More info. on the DivX TV System:

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