Posted by: Dal Watson | December 7, 2009

Monitoring “Your Brand”:

– 7 Ways To Learn What Other People Think of You (and your ‘brand’)
^^^This is written by Maria Duron…a personal friend and fellow Texas Tech Grad. She knows her stuff!!! (Follow Maria here on her Blog, on Twitter @mariaduron, and her website.)

– The Ultimate Small Business Website for Today’s Social Surfer

– You Must be Visible and Remembered

– 26 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation

Here a case-in-point about ‘your brand;’ think of all that’s happened in the ‘Tiger Woods saga’ over the past few weeks, and much more about all this sounds to be coming forth soon. How much has social media played a role in his reputation’s downfall to-date? His popularity is plummeting; so how long can companies that he endorses afford to look the other way at their own peril for associating with him??? Ultimately, how will this affect his game, his legacy and so forth? Will Tiger suffer more long term harm than the likes of Kobe Bryant and others superstar athletes in similar situations? A quote today from ‘Socialnomics’ Erik Qualman sums it up best, “Has Tiger (or his ‘handlers’) not heard of Social Media?” How different might this scandal have unfolded in the public’s eye just 5, 10 or 15 years ago…I submit to you very differently than it is right now, and in the days to come (I also submit to you that “the ‘game’ has changed forever moving forward because of this little thing known as ‘social media’.”). It appears that the price Tiger will pay will be enormous, but time will tell. If you were to ask Tiger right now; one year from now; five years from now “if his behavior was worth it,” what do you think he would say, and “if he had to do it all over again, what would he do differently?!?!?”

O.K., Tiger is a superstar; he’s different. Then what about a lesser known reality TV personality named Jon Gosselin from TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8” and that whole debacle??? It’s reported that the Gosselin’s were getting paid around $75,000.00 per episode. You say, “that was Jon’s ‘personal brand’ that was suffering;” no friend, at $75,000.00 per episode, that was his ‘professional brand’ that suffered and it ultimately went ‘out of business.’ Are you monitoring your ‘professional brand’ in this era of social media; if you are not, I think you’re nuts!!! You can say “social media doesn’t matter,” and you can ignore it all you want, but do so at your own professional peril. If you agree with me, then what are you doing to monitor it, and are you doing something positive about it and for it?!?!?

P.S. the newly released ‘real-time search’ capabilities of Google, Bing, Facebook and others is adding a whole new dimension to what I said above here!!!

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