Posted by: Dal Watson | December 6, 2009

‘FitLinxx,’ ‘ActiHealth,’ and ‘Fitbit’ Helps You Get and Stay Fit:

Our local YMCA has ‘Fitlinxx’…it’s awesome…it has really helped me track my progress, and in doing so, motivates me to continue my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I can log activity at our YMCA’s FitLinxx kiosk (as shown in the video), or via the Internet. I also get monthly exercise reports delivered to my e-mail inbox. Find out more about it by watching this video below and/or by logging on to

[Find a YMCA near your – there’s an App for that!]

Although I have no personal experience with it, their sister products in the “ActiHealth” line look really neat too (more info. about this can be found on the same FitLinxx homepage)

Check out the info. on Fitbit…a new product that’s coming out in early Feb. 2010. [Feb. 2011 – Fitbit now on mobile phones].

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