Posted by: Dal Watson | November 29, 2009

Good News Folks, You Get To Pay More!!!:

The proposed legislation before both the U.S. House and Senate would artificially raise health insurance rates for those in their 20’s and 30’s to in affect lower costs for the 40+’s. Now that’s not fair, but that’s your government hard at work for you. Send ’em a big thank you note. Read this article from FoxNews’ Jim Angle:

Controlling Costs of Health Reform Relies on Young Americans Buying Insurance

To add insult to injury, the proposed ‘Cadillac health tax’ will target teachers as well as city, county, state, and other governmental employees. These groups often have some of the riches benefit plans available, but it’s one incentive that attract employees to these positions even though they are not the highest paying jobs. So who can most afford a ‘tax increase?’ This group of employees is getting ‘thrown under the (proverbial health care reform) bus.’ Shame on our government leaders!

[About 56% of the employers surveyed told Towers Watson they expect their plans to trigger the Cadillac plan tax in 2018]

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