Posted by: Dal Watson | November 19, 2009

Automatic Captions in YouTube Videos:

A post today from Mashable’s Adam Ostrow talks about creating captions in YouTube videos. Not only would this be a bonus for the hearing impaired, or if you are showing your video in a noisy environment, but it also has the ability to translate the captions into other languages which might be prime for helping you conduct employee safety and/or benefit open enrollment meetings, in creating training videos, etc., etc. So below is the scoop in a demo video from YouTube along with a link to the original web article from Mashable.

P.S. a free ‘plug-in’ software program for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 called authorSTREAM will allow you to insert a desired YouTube embed code right into your presentation so you don’t have to leave your presentation to show a YouTube video. In a recent tweet on Twitter, @techrecipes posted a web article where the new Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (now available in beta) will allow you to convert a PowerPoint presentation into video (.wmv format) so you can post it on a website, etc., etc.

– YouTube Can Now Create Captions Automatically

– How To Add Captions To Your YouTube Videos

– Click a Button, Translate an Entire Google Site

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