Posted by: Dal Watson | November 7, 2009

Social Media Revolution:

Is the Social Media revolution just a fad, or a ‘paradigm shift’ in progress? I really like what Erik Qualman said in a recent tweet on Twitter, “When people ask me what the ROI of social media is, I ask them what the ROI of their phone is?” Erik is the author of the book, ‘Socialnomics.’ You can follow Erik on Twitter, @equalman, and another of his quotes is shown above the YOUTUBE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE . So what are your thoughts on this subject??? [Comment at the bottom of this page]

[How Social Media Has Changed Us]

[No Social Media Without Strategy]

[Social Media Experts Make Their Predictions for Trends in 2010]

“When you innovate, you’ve got to be prepared for everyone telling you you’re nuts” – Ellison

“Remember how electrical currents and ‘unseen waves’ were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy.” – Albert Einstein

“SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is more important than ever, but it’s evolving with OR without the experts.” – a tweet from @ducttape.

“The best way to build your social capital is to help others often and freely.” – a tweet from @jasonlauritsen

“If you don’t have social media, it’s like having an unlisted phone number,” said Charlie Wollborg, a partner at Curve Detroit, a marketing strategy and creative design firm in Pontiac (MI). – Quote from The Detroit News, ‘The Business of Social Networking’ (December 3, 2009)

“Successful companies in social media listen first, and sell second” – ‘Socialnomics.’ by Erik Qualman


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