Posted by: Dal Watson | September 28, 2009

My “Social Media Value Proposition”:

So why am I actively involved in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging via WordPress???  Simple – “to be a trusted adviser, delivering great content.” As a insurance and employee benefit professional with over two decades of experience, a husband for 20+ years, and father to three great kids, ‘experience’ has, and continues (daily), to teach me a great deal. If my posts ‘add value’ to your day with information on insurance, employee benefits, health care, medical trends, human resources, wellness, fitness, technology, personal finance, inspiration, humor, faith, social media and more, then mission accomplished. I’m simply passing on information that is of interest to me, and I hope (parts of it at least) are of interest and beneficial to you as well.  In the process, I’ve discovered many interesting people “out there” on these same social media platforms over the course of time.  Some of the best advice I’ve ever received, “Never Stop Learning.”  I hope you feel the same way.

What is your “value proposition?”

(To connect with me with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, please see my URLs below in my previous blog post)

[The Value of an Hour]


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